My Publications with Guitarmusic / Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet

Around "mi" for 4 guitars (Verlag Zimmermann-Frankfurt ZM31610) was composed in the tonality between the two open strings "e" = "mi". It is  ideally suited for advanced Quartets  in music schools and was recorded on CD by the Salzburg Guitar Quartet. Meanwhile it became a favourite  piece in guitar competitions.






Around "mi" on youtube

Beelzebub (Trekel Verlag T555)  10 compositions for 3 guitars in the style of  folk, Jazz, pop. all pieces can be performed also in bigger ensembles. This book is frequently used in musicschool ensembles.







Reminiscence on Youtube

Santiago de Murcia:


Arr. Hans Brüderl

The Fandango was transcribed and arranged from the Baroqe guitar tabulature by Hans Brüderl. The spirited music is ideally suited for  quartets in medium/advanced level.

Trekel Hamburg T577






(Vogt&Fritz V&F 330): acoustic fingerstyle solos for classical guitar. 

Medium Level

Die Gitarrenbande

(Vogt&Fritz V&F1372), funyy pieces for 4 guitars. Ideally suited as performing pieces  in music schools. - beginners level

Canzone a otto voci by G.A. Terzi (Trekel Verlag T562) was taken from  "secondo libro d´intavolatura di Liuto", which was printed 1599 in Venice. That charming piece belongs to the rare Lute Quartets of the 16th century and was recorded by the Salzburg Guitarquartet.






Canzona a otto voci on Youtube

The funny and varied Tales from the Sound Hole (Universal Edition UE 30369)  attract  the interest  of making music together from the beginning. The aim was to keep the technical demands as low as possible so that  the  duo partners  can communicate with each other.

Frank Martin "Quatre Pièces Brèves" arranged for 4 Guitars by Hans Brüderl

Universal Edition Vienna

Conversation "Grooving Duets for 2 Guitars" .Rhythm oriented Duos in medium difficulty. ideally suited as performing pieces, incl. CD.

 Verlag Acoustic Music AMB 3051 






Easy going from "Conversatiion" on Youtube

Im Galopp,funny, easy pieces for 2 Guitars.

Acoustic Music Books AMB 310

It´s cool,  for Alto Recorder and Guitar

Arrangements and Compositions by Manfredo Zimmermann and Hans Brüderl

Ricordi Edition SY 2906